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Hunting in Utah is a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that the state has to offer.  If you are new to hunting in Utah, this guide will assist in getting you prepared.

Most Big-Game hunts and areas are Lottery draw only and you need to read the proclamation for submission, draw and hunt times.


  • Get a proclamation from a local sporting goods store or visit the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and browse the hunts you are interested
  • Once you decide what hunts to apply for, identify the application periods for that specific hunt. Most big game hunts are applied for in January or February. (Even though most hunts don't start until September or October)
  • Early Spring can be a great time to stock up on warm hunting clothing for your hunt. Look at the proclomation to see what clothing requirements they have for your specific hunt/weapon.  Some hunts require "Hunter-Orange" and others allow for camoflauge.  Most Sporting Goods stores have good sales on winter clothing in the spring.
  • Choose a weapon - It is important to have a weapon that is adequate for the animal you are hunting.  Having too big of a caliber or too small can cause unneccessary tracking and loss of animals. Don't forget the ammunition. We have heard many stories of hunters getting up to camp and not having their bullets.
  • Knife - It is important to have a good knife to field dress your animal.
  • Rope - Rope is always a valuable resource when out in the field.
  • Medical Kit - I don't travel too many places without a basic medical kit.  Especially when traveling on ATV's or Horses, it is important to be prepared.
  • GPS - When tracking or hiking in the mountains of Utah, it is easy to get turned around.  Having a GPS will help in pinpointing the position of your camp or vehicle.
  • Water - One of the things that we learn in wilderness survival is to always have plenty of water.
  • Pack's/Animal Removal - It is important to have a strategy in removing your game.  I have seen people use a Wheel-barrow, Horse, ATV and even back-packs to get their game out of the woods.
  • Weather Prep - The week or two before your trip, it is important to get an idea of the weather conditions locally for hunting.  Trail access, Clothing and the way you handle field-dressing your animal will all be affected by the weather.  It is good to get some local advice on conditions once you arrive at your destination if you are unfamiliar with the area.
  • Hand Warmer's - Always a must in my pack - I have had many situations where these came in handy.
  • Walking/Hiking Stick - These have proven worth their value for those of you that are hiking hunters.
  • Flashlight/Tracking Lights - Flashlights have obvious value, but there are some lights that help in identifying blood trails for tracking as well.

There are multiple other things that are important when hunting in Utah, but this covers some of the basics.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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