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February 8, 2012

Springfield Armory XD versus the XDM

We are going to compare the data from Springfield, personal opinion and opinions of our customers to identify the difference between these fine handguns. This article discusses the differences between the xd and xdm only, not the Tactical versions.

Springfield Armory acquired rights to the US market for the croatian pistol the HS2000.  They introduced it to the US market as the XD-9 in 2002.  They have since added the XDM and multiple sub-models of each.

These guns have 4 different color types, seven models, 3 calibers and 4 barrel lengths.  I won't go into details on each model and caliber, but give an overview of the main differences.

With these things in mind, we are going to compare the basic differences between the two guns, the XD and the XDM.

BARREL:  The XDM was introduced with a slightly longer barrel at 4.5 inches vs. the 4 inch version that was the XD.  The added length can add a small amount of increased accuracy, but I haven't heard personally or seen online where the increased accuracy has made that big of a difference.  Either gun seems to be as accurate as most shooters will be.  The XDM also has the Match barrel, but again, the difference in accuracy would be noticed if the guns were placed on a bench, but most individuals won't notice that much difference.

GRIPS:  The XDM was introduced with an interchangeable backstrap on the grip.  This makes it so that you can adjust the thickness of the grip for comfort.  The texture of the grip is also a little more serrated or pronounced making it a little stickier for gripping.  This can be good for keeping the gun in the hand, but can also cause the hands to gain calluses for more frequent shooters.  I have had both, customers that like the new grip and some that prefer the XD.

SLIDE: The XDM slide was given a more pronounced Serration for firmer gripping.  This feature seems to be less important as I feel the XD was easy to pull back and we didn't receive or see any complaints about it.  I definitely don't think that it was a negative addition though.

CAPACITY: The XDM holds more than the XD.  The XD-9 holds 16+1 and the XDM 9mm holds 19+1.  The XDM is slightly wider than the XD. The extra 3 rounds could be exciting for some, but for me was not a big selling point.

SITES: The XDM Sites are slightly different than the XDM.  The XDM site has been moved to the back of the pistol.  I haven't heard any major complaints or praise for the new position.  I personally don't see a real difference.

RAIL:  The Picatinney Rail on the bottom of the barrel has 3 positions for the XDM and 2 for the XD.  This extra position allows a little more freedom in using aftermarket accessories with your Pistol.

PRICE:  The XDM has a little higher price tag, but is worth it if the feel of the gun fits you better than the standard XD.  You may like the full size or the Sub-Compact better when you get it in your hand.

The most important part of selecting a pistol is to hold and even test-fire, if possible, the different models to identify what fits you properly and what you have the most confidence in.  Both of these guns have more accuracy and ability than most of us and will not fail you when you need them most.

Author:  Jason Pollard
Writer and Gun Enthusiast
Beaver Sport and Pawn

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