Monday,October 23rd  2017
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Big Game and Turkey Calling
Southern Utah - Beaver

This is an opportunity for you to get up close and personal with some of the wildlife in Beaver County.  This is an exciting event each year.  We will take groups into the mountains during Mating season for different animals at different times of the year. We will hike into prime hunting areas and call back and forth with Turkeys, Elk and Deer.  For smaller groups, we can sometimes get within 50 yards of these beautiful animals.

Deer Calling Trip - 4 Hour Trip - Includes training beforehand on how to properly use the Calls.

Elk Calling Trip - 4 Hour Trip - Includes Training on how to use the Calls.

Turkey Calling Trip - 4 Hour Trip - Includes Training on how to use the Calls.

All trips will include proper hunting attire.  Camoflauge/Hats/Facemasks/Gloves etc.  Please bring Jeans and Hiking Shoes. Snacks and Drinks will be included. (Soda/Gatorade/Water)

No animals will be hurt during the Calling Adventures.  We will not be taking firearms or weapons of any kind. If you want more information, please visit our Hunting Tours in Southern Utah page.

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